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Louvered Roofs * Retractable: Awnings, Roofs, Canopies, Solar Screens * Roll Shutters

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Awnings & Shades

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Solar Screens and Solar Shades

  • Aristocrat Solar Shades & Solar Screens / Sun Screens block the sun and keep the view. Not only do solar window shades or screens reduce air conditioning costs, but they also protect the interior of your home from the suns harmful UV rays.
  • Solar window shades or screens block out 94% of the suns damaging UV rays before the sun light can even reach the glass. Solar shades or solar screens / sun screens are so effective because they keep glass temperatures down and have proven to be one of the most efficient ways to reduce energy costs expended on air conditioning.
  • 50% of the solar heat entering a room comes through the glass. This accounts for approximately 20% of the load on an air conditioner! (Source: American society of Heating and Air Conditioning Engineers)
  • In this way exterior solar shades or solar screens pay for themselves year after year in increased comfort and reduced air conditioning costs, while protecting your furnishings from harmful UV rays that cause fading.

Retractable Solar Shades, Solar Screens / Sun Screens and Motorized Window Shades

  • Exterior solar shades glide along stainless steel rods, cables or heavy duty aluminum extruded tracks.
  • Control how much light enters your home by selecting from one of three fabric types:
  • Acrylic exterior solar screen fabric
  • PVC coated polyester screens
  • Fiberglass solar screen and motorized sun shades  / sun screens
  • Hundreds of colors and pattern choices
  • Available for residential drop shades and commercial solar screen applications
  • White, desert sand or bronze frames.
  • Available in 2ft to 20ft widths, made to order in ¼” increments
  • Motorized window shade options for joined units include common operators which control all joined solar roller shades with one push of a button - or separate operators to give you flexibility to adjust each one independently
  • Remote control solar shade option available
  • Motorized window shades manufacturer’s lifetime warranty 
  • Maintenance free motorized shades


  • Prevent furnishings from fading
  • Sunrooms made comfortable in summer
  • Palladium window screens
  • West facing picture windows

Contact us to learn more about all the drop shades, motorized solar shades, motorized sun shades and retractable solar screens that we offer. We have a solar shades and exterior window shades option for virtually any application!

  • D51 UV Screens
  • D52 Sun Shades
  • D53 Motorized Screens
  • D54 Sunshades
  • D55 Sun Screens
  • D56 Patio Screens
  • D57 Porch Screen
  • D58 Solar Screens
  • D59 Window Shades
  • D60 Sunshades
  • D61 Sun Shades
  • D62 Motorized Shades
  • D63 Patio Shade Awning
  • D64 Drop shade
  • D65 Retracting Solar Screens
  • D66 Shade Mount
  • D67 Solar Window Shades
  • D68 Porch Shades
  • D69 Solar Screens
  • D70 lateral shade

  • D71 Two drop shade brackets
  • D72 Drop Shade clips - outside mount
  • D73 Drop Shade -inside mount


  • Aristocrat Lateral Retractable Shades & Screens, blocks wind, creates privacy and blocks the sun while keeping the view. 
  • They are great for west and east facing exposures for morning and low angle, late afternoon sun.
  • Typically they are just pulled out by hand, but can also be motorized for remote control operation. 
  • They are normally mounted to a wall, but can also be mounted on a free standing post for additional cost.
  • One can use either solidly woven fabric (like for patio awnings) or "open weave" mesh or screen fabric (like for solar shades) which only filters the sun.
  • Sizes up to 13 ft wide and 8 ft high are available.