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Louvered Roofs * Retractable: Awnings, Canopies, Solar Screens * Roll Shutters

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Free Standing & Pergola Canopies

A free standing canopy or patio cover often is the sun shade solution when bay windows or chimneys make installing a retractable awning difficult. These unique shade structures are also installed as free standing garden pergolas or free standing canopies at pool sides.
Free standing canopies, patio covers and under pergola canopies with vertical shades are versatile shade structures that retract manually or can be motorized and come in two basic types.

Folded Valley Canopies (slides F17 to F19)

These products are more tolerant for both wind and rain than conventional retractable patio awnings, since water gather in separate valleys and the fabric has natural slack to yield in a gust.

With a host of canopy fabric choices that match the décor of your home, you can turn an unusable outdoor patio or porch area into an attractive, comfortable environment.

Our supported canopies are ideal as deck awnings and awnings for patios. They also work great for party tents, gazebo canopies, garden canopies or wherever you need a sophisticated patio cover.

Ask about our double fabric canopy option that even makes your new patio cover rainproof!

We can also fit vertical solar sun shade awnings for privacy or protection from those early morning and late afternoon exposures.

For big entertainers and restaurants we have a high end, fully enclosed, storm proof, automatically retractable canopy awning that convert a patio into a year round entertainment area and profit center.

Contact us to find out how we can meet the special needs of your project

All patio canopies and roll up awnings are custom made, professionally measured and installed by professional canopy installers. To get a quote on our patio covers and roll up awnings view our contact us page and have one of our many awning dealers come out and visit your home. They will make the necessary measurements onsite to get your custom patio canopy or roll up awning to fit precisely to your specifications.

For more information about our patio canopies, porch awnings and other patio covers be sure to visit our Awning features page.

  • F51 Retractable Canopy Awning
  • F52 Pergola Retractable Canopy
  • F53 Canopy with Solar Shades Retracted
  • F54 Canopy with Solar Shades
  • F55 Pool Awnings
  • F56 Retracting Canopies
  • F57 ARIS Pergola Canopy
  • F59 Pergola Canopy
  • F60 Openclose

Tension Sliding Shades aka TSquared (slides F20 & F21)

This product is more wind tolerant than conventional retractable patio awnings, since it is supported on the front and back. Rain tolerance is dependent on slope of mounting surface.

  • Tension Sliding Shades
  • Tension Sliding Shades
  • Tension Sliding Shades
  • Tension Sliding Shades
  • Tension Sliding Shades
  • Tension Sliding Shades
  • Tension Sliding Shades
  • Tension Sliding Shades
  • Tension Sliding Shades